What On EARTH Has Happened To The Pacific NW?

Geologic History of the Pacific NW GeoMap - Side 1
Geologic History of the Pacific NW GeoMap - Side 1

Originally created as a museum exhibit, Geologic History of the Pacific Northwest has been called the best visual display of Pacific NW geology that currently exists. It serves as a real-world example illustrating general tectonics, volcanism, and sedimentary processes. Used widely in classrooms (about 6th grade through college), it also makes a great museum/nature center gift shop or bookstore item for geology enthusiasts.

Pacific NW GeoMap CD

By popular request, digital images of the GeoMap are available. These images have been prepared from the original digital art files, so no quality has been lost by scanning.Pacific NW GeoMap CDPacific NW GeoMap CD

*The CD contains 32 images that include full images of both sides of the GeoMap; along with an assortment of enlarged GeoMap details at various magnifications, to use depending on the focus of your presentation.

Many images have both labeled and unlabeled versions, so you may annotate as desired. One teacher who stopped by at the NSTA exhibit in Seattle said he prepared a PowerPoint assessment for his kids, where he would arrange each slide with a blank slide to follow, where each student then had to write two sentences to explain what was happening.