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What On EARTH Has Happened To The Pacific NW?

Geologic History of the Pacific NW GeoMap - Side 1
Geologic History of the Pacific NW GeoMap - Side 1

Originally created as a museum exhibit for a general audience, many users - including geology professors - have called this map the best visual display of Pacific NW geology that currently exists. Used widely in classrooms (about 5th grade through college), it is also a popular museum/nature center gift shop/bookstore item.

Missoula Floods Video

In a geologic heartbeat, cataclysmic floods containing ten times the flow of all the world’s rivers thundered across the Pacific Northwest and changample of how major scientific theories have been challenged - and changed, with the emergence of new and compelling evidence - and how scientists are often not in agreement in their interpretations of that evidence.

Big Black Boring Rock: Essays on Northwest Geology, by Stephen P. Reidel

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From the Publisher:
Written in the same vein as well-known author John McPhee’s books, Big Black Boring Rock is a collection of highly readable and witty essays that focus on the geology of the Pacific Northwest. Author Steve Reidel is a geologist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington, and an expert on Columbia River Basalt, the primary rock of the Columbia Basin – the semi-arid region of Washington State where most of the essays are set. The book collects a series of captivating essays Reidel has been writing for more than a decade for the Tri-City Herald, the daily newspaper of the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick), Washington. Written in plain language, Reidel makes geology, an often difficult field to understand, accessible for all readers.