Grouper Moon 7th Grade Language Arts Worksheets (Age Adaptable)

From Louise Marquering...

I picked up a copy of Grouper Moon at the 2002 NSTA NW convention. In the spring I read it to my seventh grade class and they loved it! The following year I did an integrated unit with Science and Language Arts, since I was teaching a self-contained seventh grade class. My principal did pay for a class set of the books!

We read the book as we did a survey of the animal phyla. It also lends itself to environmental/social issues: food supply, way of life versus preservation of environment and species. There could even be some Caribbean geology and geography.

One of my students said this was the first book he ever read all by himself. All of them asked if it was going to be made into a movie.

Louise Marquering
Corvallis, Oregon

Louise has generously shared the unit worksheets she wrote for Grouper Moon; they can be downloaded from this site (see links below) and printed for your use. They are, of course, suitable for a broader age group. (Thanks Louise!)

Would you be willing to share your materials with other teachers and home school educators? Let us know! We'll post them to our educator resource page.

We will continue to add materials for you to use with your students as we get them worked up. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Download Louise's Grouper Moon worksheets:

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